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Jude for President

Jul 19, 2024

Tweet, tweet, tweet. If you follow me on socials I might’ve been driving you a bit up the wall recently. Post, post, post. Got to get the numbers up ahead of launch day! The good news is we’re nearly there. Nearly make or break time.

Every day at the moment is another round of Kickstarter campaign maths. Most successful projects fund at least 50% in the first 48 hours. So if I need 60 backers then I ideally want 30 to pledge in that window, and I can rely on 20% of prelaunch followers to “convert”, ie back the project, right away so I need… 150 prelaunch followers? But obviously more is preferable. Right? Right.

Fortunately by the time this goes out it looks like the project should be veeerrry close to that 150 follower minimum. Which is still a few shy of this daft promotional promise I made, so there’s never been a better time to join the party if you’re so inclined:

Text: 'Jude's World. Just fifty to go! When the campaign reaches 200 followers on Kickstarter the author promises to reveal entries from her actual, authentic teenage diary. Bring it on. Yvris.' A progress bar in the centre shows we're at about 80 followers. To the right there's an image of a teenage girl writing in her diary in a colourful bedroom.

Just two weeks to go now. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, buddies!

Little Wins

Snyder’s Return! I did a sweet little interview with the Snyderman himself (as I’m sure his friends often call him). We talked about games past and future as well as some deeper thoughts on the current project. Check it out here.

The Lore Mistress! The wonderful Kat, the Lore Mistress sat down to take a look at Jude’s World as part of her Solo Spotlight series just last night. Show her some love and check out the VOD here.

Development Diary: Jude's World, Part 10

In amongst all this marketing FRENZY (seriously I send two tweets a day and sweat like I’m running a presidential campaign) I’ve been staying sane by connecting back with the part of this I actually have control over - the game. That’s right, it’s another round of play testing! This time focusing on the companion work book I designed specially. It’s been pretty neat so far. A handful of glaring omissions (nowhere to track my stats - what was I thinking?) Nothing I can’t fix before it reaches your sweet little mitts.

In lieu of my usual reams of text here are a nice photo of the ‘Build a Life’ spread which is the Jude’s World way of worldbuilding. The tarot set it my Tarot of a Moon Garden set, gifted to me by my lovely mum many years ago.

A nine card tarot spread on a wooden table next to a couple of scrawled pages of workbook answers. A complete Build a Life spread from the upcoming game, Jude's World

Till next time, when the Kickstarter will be in full swing!

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