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KaiJune and Drama Llamas Printing

Jun 16, 2023

In case no one’s mentioned: it’s too danged hot. My brain is not so much working as it is ambling in a closed loop between the same three stations: weather app checking, chest-tightening climate related dread, and the trolls from Discworld. For those who related to that last item: I see you. For those that don’t: I won’t bore you with an explanation but please do consider reading some/more Discworld.

I don’t have much big news. I went back into full time employment after 18 months of recovering from severe work-related burn out (the first six months) and then messing about doing game design stuff (the last twelve). How did I afford that? Certainly not through the proceeds of game design. So, back to the grind to replenish my savings. It’s not at all bad actually. I’m lucky in my choice of profession (software), but it does mean I’m going to have to be more choosey about projects in the immediate future. Anyway, onwards to the game stuff!

three thumbnail images featuring large monsters attacking cities - the cover images for the games in the KaiJune bundle

Kai June! I’m bundling up with some fellow indie devs this June. We’ve got three games - two solo, one GM-less, all featuring whopping great monsters attacking cities. Pick up my game Caltrop Kaiju, plus Kaiju Clash and Kaiju Don’t Care About You, for just $5. The bundle is available till the end of the month.

Drama Llamas! Digital download emails went out just over two weeks ago. If you backed the Kickstarter you should have had an email from itch.io with your link. If you didn’t receive it please do email me at [email protected] and let me know. If you didn’t back the kickstarter, fear not! Drama Llamas is available digitally to all on itch.io and DrivethruRPG. If you backed for a physical copy, you’ll be pleased to know the print layout is ready and I ordered a handful of test prints yesterday. They’ll be with me by the end of the month. Keep watching Kickstarter for updates on how that goes.

the words 'drama llamas' in a fun font on a pink fur background

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