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Oh My Stars!
A competitive game about vain celestial creatures vying for mortal attention

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Suitable for 2-4 players aged 12 and up. Younger children can play with a little guidance..

You are a star. A magnificent, blazing guardian of the night sky. You spend your eternal life high in the sky, twinkling and dancing with your sisters, untouched by the concerns of the mortals in the world below.

example character sheet

For all your brilliance your kind share one fatal flaw: you love attention. So much so that you have a special title reserved for she who can enthral the most mortals within a single, long night. Tonight you’re competing with you neighbours to be crowned Jewel of the Heavens, and you intend to win!

example map

Create your star character and compete with your friends to enthral mortals in the world below. Role play and learn their stories to figure out which is their greater weakness: romance, superstition, or wanderlust?

Kind words about Oh My Stars!

“Delightfully bizarre and at points bizarrely crunchy; and the sort of thing I might have an easier time convincing my family to play... Five, uh, stars!”
- oligopsony

“such a beautiful game, and well worth checking out. This would be so much fun for a oneshot with friends, easy to understand and original.”
- laurieoconnel

Available on DrivethruRPG