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A Fey Mystery of Glen Dourn
Our best-selling fey haunted house mystery

System: D&D 5e

Content warnings: witches, ghosts, rats, body parts, death

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Suitable for 3-6 players at level 7-9. Around 8-12 hours of play.

A haunted house, a missing person, a hint of wild fey magic, and an unexpected love story.

In Glen Dourn folk still hold true to the old ways—a dense and layered folklore of monsters and tales to frighten children. It is to this remote valley that a king bids you make haste to seek out signs of his beloved cousin, Lady Sorcha Hannigard.

Sorcha vanished on her wedding day three years ago, sending her groom and neighbours alike into mourning. But where can she have gone? The only remaining clues to this mystery lie in her abandoned mansion home, where powers less wholesome have now taken up residence.

The Dread Coven will not give up what they know so easily, although they will strike a bargain if you’re willing to pay the price in pain.

Includes new creatures, full colour maps, and an accessible, screen-reader-friendly version.

Kind words about A Fey Mystery of Glen Dourn

“A Fey Mystery of Glen Dourn is what it promises to be. A creepy adventure on an abandoned house with vines and thorns all over the place... What calls most my attention, however, is its prose. We are used to see D&D adventures written in a minimalistic and simple way, yet the author managed to write in a really evocative and flavourful manner without being too complex.”
- Andrés L.

Available on DMsGuild