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About Button Kin Games
A small games publisher based in Manchester, UK

Having been bitten by the TTRPG bug at the ripe old age of 37, Yvris (pronounced Eve-ris) Burke, the creative force behind Button Kin Games, wasted no time immersing herself in different systems and roleplaying experiences, boring old friends and family members to actual death with her newfound obsession. Before long, in a typical stroke of hubris, she decided to make her new hobby her job.

Drawing on a life long love of sci fi, fantasy, whimsy, and hijinks, Yvris is best known for her solo RPG about being a baby bumble bee, Bumbling, her best selling D&D 5e adventure A Fey Mystery of Glen Dourn, and her work streaming with Girls Run These Worlds.

Yvris particularly loves Star Trek, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Ghibli, cute animals, art history, leftist politics, tattoos, witchy aesthetics, crafts, the art of drag, veganism, and noisy, experimental music. If you want to talk about any or all of those things you can contact her at [email protected]