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The Lyric Grove
Part of our Bardic Origins series

System: D&D 5e

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Suitable for 3-6 players at level 5-9. Around 3-5 hours of play.

Deep in the heart of one of Sylvanus’s great forests lies the Lyric Grove. This is the hidden domain of Queen Synleoth, mysterious woman who speaks rarely, sings often, and is never seen without her a golden mask. Doubly blessed by Milil, the god of bards, and Eldath the river spirit, the grove is protected on all sides by a near-impassable wall of tangling vines and thorns as tall as the tallest tree in this ancient wood.

Within the Lyric Grove’s enchanted borders grow the oldest and wisest of trees, their mingled canopies alive with the trilling of the colorful songbirds sacred to Milil. Water trickles and pours through many small streams, collecting in a crystal-clear pool imbued with healing powers by Eldath.

The Lyric Grove’s inhabitants are plucked from the downcast of society by Queen Synleoth. If they’re not yet bards when they come to her, their latent talents soon emerge. The queen’s judgement in this never errs. She’s a saviour of wounded rangers, a mother to abandoned children, and a figure of worship to pilgrims who come for the blessings of her patron gods.

As part of our Bardic Origins series, this supplement includes a detailed setting, NPCs, and a one-shot adventure, as well as new items to add flavour to your game.

Detailed Setting and Backstory Options

This suppliment includes key NPCs, sights and features, and history for the Lyric Grove. All ready to slot into your world. It also includes notes on how initiates of the grove distinguish themselves from the bawdy tavern bards out in civilisation, to guide NPC or character creation.

A Missing Scout

Our heroes find the grove in mourning: one of their intrepid scouts has gone out on an errand and hasn't returned. She should have been back days ago. Synleoth offers a reward of magical items in return for news of the scout's fate.

Available on DMsGuild