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The Storied Bastion
Part of our Bardic Origins series

System: D&D 5e

Available on DMsGuild

Suitable for 3-6 players at level 5-9. Around 3-4 hours of play.

Deep in the wilderness atop a 1000 foot high cliff stands an institution dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of the bardic arts: The Storied Bastion.

Within the bastion's walls a cadre of elder scholars known as the Anthologists work to shepherd their fellow bards through the first and last chapters of their life stories. Part elite academy and part retirement village, scholars throughout the realm know the Storied Bastion as the site of the greatest archive of bard's tales ever compiled.

As part of our Bardic Origins series, this supplement includes a detailed setting, NPCs, and a one-shot adventure, as well as two new items to add flavour to your game.

Detailed Setting and Backstory Options

This suppliment includes key NPCs, sights and features, and history for the Storied Bastion. All ready to slot into your world. It also includes notes on how a bard from the bastion distinguishes themselves from the common breed of troubadour, to guide NPC or character creation.

Shibelurn's Wrath

A tale of bardic misadventure leading a party into adventure at the Storied Bastion. A black dragon wants to song written about her to be removed from the anthologists' collection and destroyed, and she's willing to tear the whole place down to have her way!

Available on DMsGuild