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Timbrel Sleet's Intrepid Players
Part of our Bardic Origins series

System: D&D 5e

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Suitable for 3-6 players at level 5-9. Around 6-8 hours of play.

Visit any of the right small village or peaceful hamlet on the right day and you’ll hear their rural quiet shattered by a lively reel wrenched suddenly from a fiddle, shimmering tambourines, and tuneful tabaxi yowling. The signature sounds of Timbrel Sleet’s Intrepid Players approaching the next stop on their endless tour.

For two days and nights this company of actors, poets, and minstrels will raise their pavillion and run through their repertoire of cabaret acts, feats of skill and daring, and theatrical set pieces for the little-travelled and hard-working people of the world’s environs.

Timbrel’s past is almost as colourful as his present, though painted with an entirely different palette. Blessed and cursed with the Cat Lord’s curiosity and fascination for all things shiny, Timbrel has been a thief, a scoundrel, and a cutpurse in his time. Despite his reformed character, he still has an irrepressible itch for a heist. He keeps a diary of rumours - bits and pieces of lore and gossip about the marvellous treasures of the world, their locations, and their current guardians.

As part of our Bardic Origins series, this supplement includes a detailed setting, NPCs, and a one-shot adventure, as well as new items to add flavour to your game.

Detailed Setting and Backstory Options

This suppliment includes key NPCs, sights and features, and history for Timbrel Sleet's Intrepid Players. All ready to slot into your world. It also includes notes on how the players distinguish themselves from bards of any other stripe, to guide NPC or character creation.

Timbrel's Lucky Coin

A tale of bardic misadventure leads a party into adventure alongside Timbrel and his players. It seems our tabaxi friend has gifted our heroes an extremely lucky coin, but they're not the only ones who might have use for it.

Available on DMsGuild