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May 20, 2022

It’s May and mother nature’s got her best frock on. As you read this I’ll be heading for the fields! Specifically those containing a hippy/folk festival in the beautiful Scottish wilderness. Not my usual scene, but wide open spaces are calling to me.

Release Updates

I’ve taken a bit of a step back from my release schedule this month with the intention of recharging my creative batteries and carefully considering my next projects. Something longer, I think, with more world-building.

You might remember me mentioning a Monster of the Week adventure in the works. Well, that’s on hold. Largely due to hubris. Instead I’m working on a MotW campaign with one of my groups, which will get me more comfortable with the system, help me form more educated opinions on how mysteries ought to be written, and also be a hell of a lot of fun! Session 0 was last weekend and went really well. The gang are going to be playing goth rocker conspiracy theorists who stumble across real monsters in every town they play. See this great twitter thread for community-sourced band names!

Meanwhile, my two most recent releases - The Tillvayle Committee and Caltrop Kaiju - are available as part of this incredible bundle of games, with all proceeds going to reproductive rights organisations who are on the front line of fighting the recent legislative travesties in the U.S. We at Button Kin Games are firmly, unabashedly, and unequivocally pro-choice, and there’s never in our lifetime been a more important time to say so.

Streaming News

I got interviewed on my first ever Twitch stream earlier this month. I had a great time chatting to David of the Alexandria RPG Library, a great organisation which works to open up the world of TTRPGs to people who really benefit from the creativity and connection they offer, including at-risk youth, senior citizens, and veterans suffering with PTSD. Check them out here, and you can still watch our chat on the Twitch VOD here.

Hot on the heels of my first foray into streaming, I’m pleased to announce my second! I’ll be running a live game of D&D 5E, specifically my latest adventure release: The Tillvayle Committee with a wonderful group of players over on Girls Run These Worlds’ Twitch channel. Tune in 7pm BST, 2pm ET, 11am PST on Monday 30th May to catch that.

May Freebie - Book Titles for Nosey Players

No villainous lair or wizard’s tower is complete without a well-stocked bookcase or five. But when your players decide to check out the spines of those tastefully bound tomes it can lead to quite a GM panic. Time for a random rolling table!

1d20 book titles for your games:

  1. Prestidigitation for the Soul, by Dorothea Sweetholme
  2. The Thaumatological Properties of Stone, by Anya Ognya
  3. The Elemental Planes, by Tobias Suchfester
  4. Lizard Anatomy: a Field Study of the Mundane and the Magical, by Dionne Ambleflume
  5. Encyclopedia Crystallum, compiled by the Council for Further Geological Studies
  6. Atlas Archeologica - 101 Unexplored Ruins to Avoid at All Costs, compiled by the Department for the Preservation of Life and Limb
  7. The Alchemist’s Almanac, by Pontus Dagater
  8. Revolting, not Revolting: a Practical Guide to Peasant Husbandry, by Lord Silvanus Culpeper
  9. Banished Passions, by Belle Dela Gouttiere
  10. The Very Hungry Purple Worm, by Sallah Montheid
  11. Lair Security for Dummies, by Felina Pitt
  12. The Life-Changing Magic of Just Fireballing Everything, Author Unknown
  13. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dungeoneers, by Lucinda Hall
  14. Overcoming Entamaphobia, by Trusinia Self
  15. Don’t Gnock it ‘till You Try It! 1001 Ways to Cook Gnoll, by Archibald Affamay
  16. Owlbears: Bird or Bear? A Philosophical Enquiry, by Merve Minerver
  17. The Fey’s Wiles: A History of Faerie Contracts, Litigation and Loopholes, by Professor Acton Twell
  18. Gods of the Realms: Mythologies, Rites, and Mysteries, by Havedal Heledor and Iserith Daceran
  19. Thirty Shades of Ooze, by Floren Schlime
  20. Endless Days of Grey: Tales of the Shadow Realm, by Berit the Bard

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