A banner with lots of dice and the words 'Button Kin Games'

A relaxing map-making and journaling game about dancing bees

Available on Itch.io and DrivethruRPG

Suitable for a single player aged 10 and up. Younger children can play with a little guidance.

Welcome to the hive, worker-bee! You just hatched and your head is as fuzzy as your body. Your siblings are beckoning for you to join them at heart of the hive - the dance floor! This world is new and strange, and you don’t know your own name yet, but you think you might know a bit about dancing...

In this game you'll learn your hive’s secret dance language, explore and map your world, make animal friends, and harvest pollen for your hive. This is a sweet, relaxing game to play on a rainy afternoon while journaling and doodling.

Kind words about Bumbling

“This is a sweet and relaxing way to pass a couple hours of a summer afternoon”
- sinopiasaur

“A simple little bee RPG that thankfully doesn’t make any references to that b---dy film”
- Wyrd Science Magazine