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April Interlude
Quick update, free adventure, plus putting the "brew" in "homebrew"

April is a disorienting month, at least in the UK. It’s all warm, cherry blossom sweetness one minute, then moody concrete drizzle the next. Outdoor plans are tempting but perilous. Appropriate outfit choices an impossibility.

My work is imitating the weather. Both tending towards the liminal, but with the promise of exciting things to come.

This month...

Late March featured a surprise release! A murder mystery for D&D 5e titled The Tillvayle Committee. It’s about a small town where a group of monsters have settled down for retirement, becoming the worst kind of curtain-twitchers. I really enjoyed playing this one with my groups and would love for you all to try it, so here’s a download link where you can get it for free here. Consider it a “thank you” for reading!

Otherwise I’m deep into play testing for both Righteous Jaunt and my as-yet-unnamed Monster of the Week adventure. The first run through for the latter was fascinating. I’m so grateful to the clever players and wise friends (same people, different roles) who sat with me while I bungled through my mystery draft, full of too-red-herrings and sloppy hooks on a slack line. It’ll get much better, thanks to their feedback. I’m excited to get into some ruthless edits in the next few weeks.

Coverage of Bumbling

Sometimes I think nothing I write will ever get as much love as Bumbling, my solo, bee-themed, journaling/doodling game. And that’s just fine! I’m grateful for every bit of it. Recently I’ve noticed two more lovely people talking the game up.

The ever-delightful and industrious Philippa Mort reviewed Bumbling for her TikTok. Check that out here, and be sure to give her profile a perusal for more TTRPG reviews and funnies!

Et regardez ici, il y a une mention de Bumbling en français avec une leçon sur l'écriture de jeux ! Magnifique !

April Freebie: Magic Teas

In my weekly D&D campaign the party now known as Forunte’s Few rescued a tea heiress from pixies. They received some special brews as a reward. Each tea requires ten minutes to prepare and drink.

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