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It's Been a Month
Now with 100% more of my actual face

Friends, it has been a month, and I don’t just mean that literally. Between my third delightful sparring match with the Virus Who Shalt Not be Named and the unfolding catastrophe besetting the Twitverse we’ve all had a lot on our minds. I’ll be staying on Twitter for the time being as both @YvrisDMs and @button_kin, but I’m also quite enjoying the low-stakes chitchat over on Mastodon (@[email protected]). It’s a very different online environment, and perhaps not one so enticing or effective for those who use twitter for activism or marketing, but I’ve been having a nice time there. Anyway! To the news…

Drama Llamas! The kickstarter prelaunch is going strong, capping 170 beautiful, bountiful, sassy followers standing ready to be notified when the time comes. You can join our llama gang here: kickstarter.com/projects/buttonkin/drama-llamas. I’ll also be previewing a little piece of the game at the end of this very email. OoOoooOooh!

Not DND podcast! I’ve been talking incessantly about fame-hungry llamas for months now and finally found someone who wants to not only listen, but help me spread the cud word! </pun> The wonderful Jessica over at the ‘Not DND’ podcast has invited me to talk about the game. Our chat will be available on 28th November, but in the meantime I’d highly recommend you check out the show’s archive of episodes, featuring basically every indie creator I look up to and admire (I’m not feeling any pressure, no, why do you ask?)

UK events! I’m going to be manifesting in person at a couple of events in the coming weeks. First off, I’ll be at Dragonmeet in Hammersmith on 3rd December. Just a quick trip down to London to buy a new dice tray. That’s all. I’m definitely not coming back with a truckload of books, five boardgames and a third set of dragon horns. If you’re around in Manchester I’ll also be heading over to the Dungeons & Flagons all day event on Saturday 10th December. I’ve also contributed some free downloads of Bumbling to their festive goodie bags. Ho, ho, ergo ho. If you would like to say hi and we haven’t yet met, look for this face:

a white woman in her 40s with short dark hair. She's wearing red lipstick and smiling slightly. This is me.

Game preview! As promised, a little Drama Llamas teaser to end this month’s missive. Instead of character classes, when creating your llama you’ll choose between six familiar reality TV archetypes. The options are:

  • The Hot Mess - a loose cannon with terrible luck and worse choices
  • The “Normal” One - always speaking good sense, always getting ignored
  • Almost Famous - nearly famous before, now back for another taste
  • Miss Congeniality - IS here to make friends, and will apologise to (or for) anyone
  • That B**** - ruthless self belief is their weapon and they will cut you
  • The Puppet Master - a master manipulator and genius, if they do say so themselves

a ninja warrior llama swinging on a punching bag, plus the text from above

That’s all this month. Thanks again for reading and I’ll catch you all again in the lead up to Christmas.

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