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Righteous Jaunt (playtester edition)
A tabletop rpg without the tabletop

Available on Itch.io

Suitable for 2-4 players aged 6 and up.

This edition of Righteous Jaunt is a first draft, cheap or free for playtesters. We'd love to hear your feedback feedback on the ruleset. Email [email protected].

The forces of darkness are rallying, preparing to end all hope...

You know where, and you know you have the power to stop them. What you don’t have is the ability to drive or any money for the bus, so you’d better start walking.

Your goal is to confront the soldiers of despair and foil their leaders’ evil scheme, returning hope to the world. All while getting your steps in. You’ll role play on the move, meeting new friends and enemies, learning from some, defeating others, and saving the rest from their own darkness.

Righteous Jaunt is designed to be played on the move. It's a mechanics-light, d2 based story game in the action-adventure genre, designed for 2-4 players plus a games master (GM). The guide includes character creation instructions for multiple playable species, a quick-start, rollable plot generator for GMs, and monster catalogs for both adult-only and child-friendly games.